Stuart Driver - using resilience to overcome adversity

Stuart Diver

Stuart Diver was trapped for 65 hours buried in snow and rubble after the Threadbo landslide in 1997. Two alpine lodges were crushed in the landslide, killing 18 people, including Stuart's wife Sally. Since that tragic event Stuart has been sharing his story to give us insight into why resilience in our lives and the ability to overcome adversity is vitally important.
Stuart returned to Thredbo and is the Operations Manager there.

Gill Hicks MBE

Gill Hicks MBE

Gill was the last living victim rescued from the 2005 London bombings, where she lost both her legs below the knee and was not initially expected to live. She learnt to walk using prothestics and is a motivational speaker, author, curator and trustee to cultural organisations.
She used her experience to found a not for profit organisation, M.A.D. for Peace, which promotes individual responsibility as the key to creating a world without extreme conflict.

Jessica Watson, Sailor

Jessica has the unofficial record for youngest person to sail nonstop and unassisted around the world. She was Young Australian of the year in 2011.
She withstood storms, made repairs to her vessel and withstood much criticism in order to complete the journey.
Jessica sailed over 36,000 km in her around the world trip before her 17th birthday. Her resilience and good nature are the stuff of legend.

Terry Vo

Terry Vo, Basketballer

In 2005 when he was 10, Terry Vo was playing backyard basketball when a brick wall collapsed on him. His hands and left leg were completely severed. Doctors attempted a world’s first re-attachment surgery of the three limbs at the same time but a week later Terry was back in hospital and his foot was amputated.
Terry turned the loss into a gain. Terry is hoping to become a surgeon. He says "Never give up. Always strive to success. And follow your dreams."

Ruby Langford Ginibi

Ruby Langford Ginibi

The life of Ruby Langford Ginibi is a story of triumph against the odds. Born on a mission station, her mother left when she was six. At 16 she entered the first of four tumultuous relationships. Ruby raised nine children. In 1984, after defeating her addiction to alcohol, she wrote her autobiography "Don't Take Your Love to Town" an abiding Australian story and winner of the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Human Rights Award for Literature. Ruby died in 2011.

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Employee Resilience: The capacity to manage the everyday stress of work and remain healthy, to rebound and learn from unexpected setbacks and prepare for future challenges.

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Resilience Defined: psychological resilience is an individual's tendency to cope with stress and adversity.